(Tom van der Woerdt)

New blog... again

[2017-12-02] I've been running a blog somewhere on a server in a datacenter for a while now, and in the progress of decommissioning that server in favor of something more cloudy, the blog got moved from Wordpress to something more primitive.

Saving Tor bandwidth using merkle trees

[2016-04-08] When you start any Tor application, like the popular Tor Browser, it first needs to “connect to the network”. In this phase Tor will contact a directory in the network and download a document that is referred to as “the consensus”: a document that gets updated hourly, listing all relays on the network, currently roughly a megabyte in size. Tor needs to know which relays are in the network, or it would not be able to create paths with multiple hops. The way this works is that Tor will connect to some relay on the network, then tell that relay to connect to another relay, et cetera, using the information in the consensus to find a suitable path.

Implementing a Tor relay from scratch

[2015-01-24] The last few weeks I have been spending my free time on implementing a Tor OR (Onion Relay) in the Go language ( After a while I realized the language was not suited for the project, and stopped working on it. Today I am sharing what I learned, and will release the partially working code.

KPN Experia Box v8 and PPPoE passthrough

[2013-04-11] A few weeks ago I got a new internet connection, after switching from Online to KPN (both are ISPs). It also came with a new modem, and the old one wouldn’t let me connect anymore. That was acceptable though, as the old modem (Speedtouch 564v6) was horrible.

iTunes Store? Never again.

[2009-10-27] Every now and then, I download some songs from the internet. I respect the authors of these songs, so I usually buy them from iTunes. But I also have the good habit of cleaning my computer every 2 to 3 months (windows re-install) so I did that a few days ago.

Problems with Skype

[2009-09-09] It can happen to everyone. You have a problem with Skype.

Blog cleanup

[2009-07-15] I cleaned my blog and wrote a post about it, but a wordpress update later corrupted it and now I have no idea what it said...