KPN Experia Box v8 and PPPoE passthrough

A few weeks ago I got a new internet connection, after switching from Online to KPN (both are ISPs). It also came with a new modem, and the old one wouldn’t let me connect anymore. That was acceptable though, as the old modem (Speedtouch 564v6) was horrible.

Sadly, KPN doesn’t exactly have a reputation for delivering quality modems either, and the modem I got from them can’t be configured. With “can’t be configured” I mean that it doesn’t allow me to turn off the firewall, turn off the DHCP server, use UPnP, change the DNS servers, etc. It didn’t even have a telnet interface or other advanced configuration interface.

After spending a few hours with it (and after several configuration resets), I discovered that KPN edited the HTML of the web interface to hide a lot of elements that allow you to configure the modem. With Firebug I was able to recover some settings, including the ability to turn off the DHCP server and use my own instead.

But I wasn’t there yet. UPnP still didn’t work properly, and with manual port forwarding I couldn’t get some applications to work (probably because the firewall was still active).

Since the modem was already connected to my normal router, Apple’s Airport Extreme (nice stuff, but wouldn’t buy again) which has support for PPPoE, I decided to try using that. In theory if I managed to get that to work, I would completely bypass the parts of the Experia Box that make it so annoying. It would disable the firewall, DHCP server, it would let my own router handle UPnP, etc.

The web interface had a checkbox in the interface that said ‘PPPoE passthrough’. “Nice,” I thought. But after changing the settings of the router, it didn’t work. I hooked up my laptop (Mac) directly to the modem, but my laptop couldn’t connect either (the logs indicated that a timeout occurred after a connection was made). Maybe it was a Mac thing? I connected my Windows desktop as well, but the same thing happened there. Apparently ‘PPPoE passthrough’ was just a checkbox that didn’t do anything.

After several more hours of experimenting (I really needed this modem to work), I found a hidden web interface page that let me setup what I wanted in only a few clicks. Which is why I’m writing this article, as I don’t want anyone else to go through this mess.

To enable PPPoE passthrough on the KPN Experia Box v8, reset the modem first (hold the reset button until it restarts), then go to and click Apply. Wait for the modem to restart and then configure your router (which should be the only device connected to your modem, preferably on LAN1). That’s all! The phone function still works, but the wireless router part of the modem should probably be turned off.

For Telfort users, the procedure is a lot more complicated, and I have not yet found the easiest way to do it. Read the comments for a few suggestions from readers.

MW3SA – Here we come!

Well, it’s finally there – the Modern Warfare 3 announcement and some first information about it. It won’t have dedicated servers? Yay!

Of course, for most of you this isn’t a “yay”. It’s sad news – we still won’t be able to host mods properly, there won’t be custom-made maps, and there probably still won’t be proper server admins. Of course, that’s better than Black Ops, where you had to pay a lot of money to be a server admin, but still no custom maps.

But in MW3 this will be better!

IF the rumors are correct (host-based, no kick, no mods, no custom maps) then I promise to write a MW3SA tool. It’ll have some pretty epic features, fix the lag issues which we’ve seen with MW2SA, and most of all, you won’t have to wait weeks for it! I plan to have it ready at the release of MW3.

aka Tom

UPDATE (mid August)
IW has announced that MW3 gets dedicated servers. While I suspect this to be yet another lie, I myself definitely welcome this. However, don’t cheer just yet: there are different definitions of dedicated servers. For me, a true dedicated server system lets us host servers without paying. We want mod tools and other things which all games in the past have brought us – except for Modern Warfare 2.

UPDATE (November 5)
Oh, there’ll be IWNet. I just setup the new MW3SA homepage.

iTunes Store? Never again.

Every now and then, I download some songs from the internet. I respect the authors of these songs, so I usually buy them from iTunes. But I also have the good habit of cleaning my computer every 2 to 3 months (windows re-install) so I did that a few days ago.

Basically, what you expect from a web-store like the iTunes store, is that it will automatically re-download the songs you had before you cleaned your PC. I mean, if Steam can do this with games of 5 GB, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Apple with songs of about 3 MB-. Sure, we are talking about a lot more songs than games, but I don’t think many people buy 5 GB off the iTunes store.

So, I logged into my iTunes this afternoon, after installing iTunes again, and I clicked “Check for available downloads”. It told me I already had all songs! Well, in my Purchased tab, I only saw one song, and that was a free song I downloaded from the iTunes Store because I wanted to test something. So, I checked the iTunes FAQ and it told me I would have to backup all my songs!!

Isn’t it ridiculous that I have to re-buy all my songs again? Is it really too much that I expect the iTunes Store to re-download my purchases after I re-install my computer? Steam does it. The EA download manager does it. does it. And a way bigger company called Apple can’t do something as simple as this?

They force us to have DRM on the songs we purchase. They force us to backup everything we buy, but we can’t burn them on CDs if we want to listen to them. They can only be on five computers at the same time, and if you accidentally forget to deauthorize your computer before re-installing your PC, you can only have four computers at the same time. The iTunes Store really limits what you can do with the music.

I don’t think I’ll ever buy off the iTunes Store again. I will resume my old habits of downloading them from Usenet and Torrents, and if I respect the author well enough, I will make a donation to them. Sorry Apple folks, but it’s 2009 and this kind of trickery isn’t wise.

Problems with Skype

It can happen to everyone. You have a problem with Skype.

So, what you do: you go to and try finding a solution. Too bad, you are the first one. So, you open a support ticket.

A few days later, you get a reply from them. Basically, there’s an Indian guy trying to answer your questions by clicking a pre-defined answer.

Our conversation, attached below.

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Last night, something got me thinking about religion. I will try to output my thoughts here. Just, let me get one thing straight. I am not associated with any religion, nor do I consider myself atheist.

Imagine yourself. Imagine someone of 1993 years ago. Imagine that that person is Jesus Christ, who hasn’t written the bible yet. You are a person coming from another planet. Jesus is from the actual Earth, so you are from 2 different planets. The only difference between these planets is that your planet is far more civilized: You have computers, are able to project images on a screen (projector), can travel via the air at high speed (planes) and can talk with people that are on the other side of the world (telephone).

Now what would happen if you would show all that to Jesus, without telling him what they are? Most likely he would consider you a god. Sure, everyone from your planet knows you aren’t a god, but because the people from Earth have never seen a telephone, a computer, or anything else you brought, they will try to explain things. Obviously you won’t let them see how they work and how they are made, because that would spoil the “fun”.

Ok, I hope you still understand my post. Basically you’re talking with someone (Jesus) that’s 2000 years backwards in time and you are showing him things that won’t be invented for another 2000 years. Because of this he will consider you a god because he cannot explain the things.

Now, of course Jesus will not keep this for himself only. He will talk to others, try to convince them that there is indeed a god. Of course, nobody will believe him. So, he will try alternative ways, such as writing a book. Of course, because he only talked to you for a few minutes (or maybe an hour?) he does not know enough to write a complete book, so he improvises a bit. It takes a long time, but he finishes it and shows it to others. Because all facts in the book, which has been read by many people, are right or cannot be confirmed, people believe the story and go live by the things he made up, because you are a “higher being”.

This “story” works for all religions I know of. Someone from another planet (or the future) comes to Earth, shows something that’s not possible yet, and people believe the person. The same counts for the religions that have multiple gods: multiple persons came to Earth, and they showed something that would, according to the people from that age, be impossible. You then have 10 people believing you, 100, 1000, a million, a billion, etc.

The people from “the other planet” all know their friend(s) aren’t gods. They aren’t immortal either, and everything they do can be scientifically be explained. But the people on Earth don’t know that. Jesus didn’t see anyone get killed, so he might have assumed they were immortal.

Sure, in the next few days I will receive a lot of comments about this story not being possible, that some things can’t be explained, that there isn’t life on other planets, etc. Prove it! Why wouldn’t there be life on other planets? It simply hasn’t been seen yet. Why would the events in the book not be possible? They were either made up because Jesus didn’t have good references or they haven’t been explained yet. Can’t you travel back in time? Quoting Wikipedia: “it is currently unknown whether the laws of physics would allow backwards time travel”. Think about it! Why wouldn’t this story be possible? Comment on this post with your reasons, I will try to explain them.


Blog cleanup

Somehow, it felt as if the posts on my blog shouldn’t be there. I have hidden them for now, perhaps I will put them back later. It’s mainly because I somehow don’t want people to read my blog. Well, only certain people.